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Tile and Grout Cleaning Perth

Over time, our tiled floors and surfaces lose their polish and shine. Ceramic and porcelain tiled areas also create additional issues for homeowners: Smooth tiled surfaces become scratched and dulled from daily use and tiles begin to carry hidden micro dirt, oils and bacteria on the surface and within the grout. Normal scrubbing and mopping have become less and less effective due to the way that tiles are now designed. On the surface these methods may show that your tiles are clean, but they do not show the deep clean your tiles really need.

Jem's Carpet & Tiles are carpet cleaners in Perth that specialise in tile cleaning solutions. Their team of cleaning specialists have been providing professional cleans across Perth for years. We can restore your tiles, grout sealing and grout lining back to its original condition. Our team will devise the cleaning process that works best to clean your grout and tiles. Each Jem's Carpet & Tile van is stocked with the required tools and technology to deliver effective and high pressure cleans every time.

If you do not have your tiles professionally cleaned, then the condition of your tiles will likely worsen over time. If the condition reaches a point where there is no seal or the seal has worn away, then tile stripping may occur. Trying to fix this by replacing the seal without any professional tile cleaning services will trap the dirt underneath. This will then cause a worn and dirty look to start forming in the grout. The lifespan of your tiles will significantly shorten due to improper tile cleaning services. That is why at Jem's Carpet & Tiles, we consider professional tile and grout cleaning as important to your home as professional carpet cleaning.

Jem’s Carpet & Tiles offer a professional tile and grout cleaning service for both domestic and commercial properties. Our highly trained tile cleaners use advanced cleaning equipment to ensure your tiles and grout remain healthy and look brand new. Some of the commercial facilities we provide tile cleaning services to include: vet clinics, child care facilities, staff amenity areas such as lunchrooms, bathrooms and reception areas.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Perth. Our Method:

Jem's Carpet & Tiles understand that your tiles represent an expensive investment in your property. This is why you should seek the help of a professional such as Jem's Carpet & Tiles to effectively perform their tile cleaning services. Our aim is to provide you with an  affordable tile cleaning solution using industry standard tools. The team at Jem's do a great job using their steam and pressure cleaning equipment. Jem's level of dedication to providing excellent tile cleaning services goes above and beyond other tile cleaning companies. The cleaning solution the team devises incorporates quality tile cleaning compounds and detergents.

Our 7 step tile and grout cleaning method:

  1. An initial pre-inspection of all tile and grout areas. This allows us to identify any potential damage and/or corrosion.
  2. The tiled areas are then swept clean prior to any tile and grout cleaning services.
  3. The Jem's team then applies suitable cleaning compounds and/or detergents to the affected tiled areas.
  4. Using a mechanical rotary scrubbing brush, all tiled areas and grout are thoroughly scrubbed. This is to ensure all dirt and bacteria has been removed from within your tiles and grout. Spot stain treatment can then be applied to specific areas.
  5. A high-pressure clean using our advanced high-pressure system. This piece of equipment uses hot water and steam at 1000 PSi to ensure that all dirt has been lifted from your tiles and grout. Your tiles are guaranteed to be sparkly clean after this wash.
  6. The team at Jem's then continues the use of the advanced high-pressure cleaning system for extraction. This extraction ensures that all dirt, grime and bacteria from within the tile and grout is sucked out and removed.
  7. Lastly, we mop and dry the tile and grout leaving the surface dry and free of any and all moisture and lines.

Contact the team at Jem's Carpet & Tiles today for a no obligation free quote for all your tile and grout cleaning services. Jem's Carpet & Tiles has been providing tile and grout cleaning solutions across Perth for years now. Your tiles are an important feature of your home or business, so get a professional like Jem's to provide a thorough cleaning service.

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Why Choose Us?

The highly trained and qualified team of professional cleaners at Jem's Carpet & Tiles will help resolve all your cleaning issues.

  • We will safely clean all affected tiled areas for a healthy, clean and polished finish.

  • The team uses specially formulated solutions that are proven to get the desired results every time.

  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all of our professional cleaning services. If you aren’t thrilled with your newly cleaned tiles you can contact us for a potential re-clean.

  • The team at Jem's has years of experience treating both man-made tiles as well as natural tiles.

  • Avoid countless hours of scrubbing the dirt and grime from your tiles. Use Jem's and get the job completed by a certified business professional.

  • We have tried and tested all new and old products and showcase results via our video section.

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Our client loves us because of our quality work

Jem is fantastic!! Today she cleaned the carpets of the commercial property we were renting. I was a bit worried the carpets might not come clean but Jem did her magic and they were looking great in no time. Can't thank you enough Jem

Leanne Van Dongen

Highly recommend. Carpets have been cleaned to perfection! For an old home, the carpets have never looked better! We used Jem's Carpet and Tiles service for our exit rental clean. Thank you so much for providing us with great service.

Lauren Pettis

Jem is a life saver! I used to do the typical hands and knees scrubbing the grout with bleach and getting annoyed at what an awful job it is. I was so excited when I came across Jem's advert in the local Little Aussie Directory! Our tiles have never looked so clean and the grout came up wonderfully clean! Jem is such a friendly, professional worker and I will highly recommend her to anyone that will listen. Thanks Jem

Angel Wood

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