Speciality Services

Speciality Cleaning Services

Jem and her team offer a range of speciality cleaning services.
Jem is fully trained in flood restoration and pet restoration services.
Being local the Jem's Carpet & Tiles team can response to emergency carpet cleaning requests.

Minor Carpet

Jem is a fully trained in minor carpet repairs.


Jem is a fully trained flood restoration technician specialising in clean water domestic flooding.

Emergency Carpet Cleaning

Emergency carpet cleaning service will respond to your emergency as soon as you call us!

Pet Stain

Jem’s can provide cleaning services for accidents that your pets can leave behind.

Flood Restoration

Sometimes accidents do happen ‒ burst water pipes, broken washing machines or taps accidentally left on ‒ and suddenly you have a house full of water!

Our friendly and professional service will help to get you dry as quickly as we can — even if it’s in the middle of winter!

Jem is a fully trained flood restoration technician specialising in clean water domestic flooding.

Before and after tiles cleaned

Minor Carpet Repairs

We can repair or re-thread minor damage to carpets ‒ including small holes, cigarette burns, pulled threads and more.
Carpet repairs is a 4 step process:

  1. Find a spare piece of carpet to cut a new piece out of to replace the damaged section.
  2. Carefully remove the damaged section paying particular attention to the carpet pile.
  3. Cut out a replacement piece from the donor carpet.
  4. Place and re-bond donor piece into the carpet. Good as new!
Carpet repair process

Pet Stain Treatments

Using the latest industry techniques, we can eliminate smells, reduce or even completely remove the stains and help stop your four-legged friend returning to the same spot!

  1. Using a UV light to establish the extent of the “accidents” we develop a plan of action to treat the stains and eliminate the smells that can bring our pets back to the same spot.
  2. Working to our plan, we treat the carpet’s stained areas using the latest in protein breaking technology. We also apply an odour neutralising chemical, that can remedy the yellow/browning that is left behind.
Pet stain treatments.


Our client loves us because of our quality work

Jem is fantastic!! Today she cleaned the carpets of the commercial property we were renting. I was a bit worried the carpets might not come clean but Jem did her magic and they were looking great in no time. Can't thank you enough Jem

Leanne Van Dongen

Highly recommend. Carpets have been cleaned to perfection! For an old home, the carpets have never looked better! We used Jem's Carpet and Tiles service for our exit rental clean. Thank you so much for providing us with great service.

Lauren Pettis

Jem is a life saver! I used to do the typical hands and knees scrubbing the grout with bleach and getting annoyed at what an awful job it is. I was so excited when I came across Jem's advert in the local Little Aussie Directory! Our tiles have never looked so clean and the grout came up wonderfully clean! Jem is such a friendly, professional worker and I will highly recommend her to anyone that will listen. Thanks Jem

Angel Wood

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