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Jem’s Carpet & Tiles provide customers with professional rug cleaning services across the Perth metropolitan area. Jem’s understands that accidents do sometimes happen such as pet accidents, new spills or pre-existing spills. The team at Jem's Carpet & Tiles are professionally accredited and can perform quality rug cleaning and restoration services. With years of experience, we simplify the cleaning process as we know the best way to approach any job.

Using advanced cleaning technology, our carpet and rug cleaners will devise a cleaning method that will make your carpet brand new. We are expert carpet cleaners that service all types and shapes of rugs including Persian, Navajo, shag and much more. At Jem's Carpet & Tiles our trained cleaners use the renowned steam cleaning injection method which ensures that your rugs are thoroughly cleaned. The steam cleaning injection method will also keep your rugs looking brand new as well as keeping dirt, insects and allergens at bay. Our rug cleaning methods are quick drying, meaning you won't have to wait a long time to enjoy the benefits of a newly clean and fresh rug. Fabric protection is also offered to all of our customers if required.

Other related professional cleaning solutions are offered by our cleaning technicians including:


Stain Removal

Deodorising and stain protection services are also offered by Jem's Carpet & Tiles. We will remove most if not all stains on your rug. Once they're removed, we rinse your rug with our advanced neutraliser to prevent stains from re-appearing. Our cleaners will then use a complete cleaning solution that will safely and gently revive the colour, glow and beauty of your rug.


Steam Cleaning

Almost all rugs are suitable for steam cleaning or hot water extraction as they are similarly made to carpets which generally use the same types of materials. A thorough steam cleaning by Jem's can bring your rugs back to life! Short pile, long pile, shaggy, shaped and textured rugs are some of the more popular rugs we clean. Fibres such as wool, acrylics, synthetics and some of the more exotic fibres are no problem for Jem's fully qualified technicians.


Rug Repairs

Jem's Carpet & Tiles cleaners are able to repair or re-thread minor damage to both carpets and rugs. Accidents happen, and rather than replacing the entire rug, call Jem's to restore your rug. Some of the repairs the Jem's team can perform include small holes, cigarette burns, pulled threads and more.

Both our carpet and rug repairs follow this simple 4 step process. First we find a spare piece of carpet or rug to cut a new piece out of to replace the damaged section. Then we carefully remove the damaged section paying particular attention to the carpet/rug pile. We cut out a replacement piece from the donor carpet/rug and attach the bond donor piece into the carpet/rug.


Rug Dry Cleaning

With all rug dry cleaning jobs, our cleaners first use industrial strength cleaning equipment to remove all dry dirt from within the carpet and to also open up the rug's fibres for cleaning. We then apply a specialised dry cleaning solution as well as a stain removal solution to the problem areas of the rug. Our advanced cleaning equipment then lifts the dirt and stains from within the rug whilst also restoring the chemical balance and original colour. Lastly, our team performs what's known as "rug grooming" which allows the rug to dry faster as well as add that final touch.

At Jem's Carpets & Tiles, we offer the best solution for your rug at an affordable and competitive price giving you excellent value for your hard earned money. We recommend getting your rugs, carpets, tiles and upholstery cleaned at the same time which can save both time and money. Call today on (08) 6555 7789 for a no obligation free quote today!

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Our client loves us because of our quality work

Jem is fantastic!! Today she cleaned the carpets of the commercial property we were renting. I was a bit worried the carpets might not come clean but Jem did her magic and they were looking great in no time. Can't thank you enough Jem

Leanne Van Dongen

Highly recommend. Carpets have been cleaned to perfection! For an old home, the carpets have never looked better! We used Jem's Carpet and Tiles service for our exit rental clean. Thank you so much for providing us with great service.

Lauren Pettis

Jem is a life saver! I used to do the typical hands and knees scrubbing the grout with bleach and getting annoyed at what an awful job it is. I was so excited when I came across Jem's advert in the local Little Aussie Directory! Our tiles have never looked so clean and the grout came up wonderfully clean! Jem is such a friendly, professional worker and I will highly recommend her to anyone that will listen. Thanks Jem

Angel Wood

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