Professional Carpet Cleaning

At Jem's Carpet & Tiles, we provides our customers with a professional carpet cleaning service. A service that is guaranteed to remove all hidden dirt and allergens hiding within your carpet fibres. No matter whether it's a home or office, Jem's will devise a cleaning process guaranteed to provide the best results. Getting your carpets professionally cleaned provide many desired results. Jem's professional cleaners can help to remove dust mites and tough stains caused by accidents or pets. Having professionally cleaned carpets not only make your carpets look and feel great, but there are multiple health benefits such as improved indoor air quality.

Carpet Cleaning Perth

Over time, our carpets face many obstacles such as spills, damage and accidents. Some carpets over time begin to develop track marks as well as odours. These tracks and odours are tough to get rid of, but not for Jem's Carpet & Tiles. The professional cleaners at Jem's Carpet & Tiles, use a specialised mix of the latest polymers and carpet treatment solutions. These eliminate all smells and stains from your carpet. We can also prevent your pets causing accidents in the future. Using the latest industry techniques, we can eliminate smells which attract your pets back to the same spot.

Prior to cleaning, we perform an initial inspection of your home or business to identify issues and problem areas. This initial inspection helps our cleaners to devise cleaning solutions as well as incorporate any requirements you have. Once we have understood the scope of your needs we can then perform the cleaning method previously devised, which will provide you with the best results.

The first step to all of our professional carpet cleaning service is to thoroughly vacuum your carpets. Our cleaners use a high-end HEPA filtered upright vacuum cleaner that will help to remove any loose dust mites and dirt from within your carpet. This vacuum will also lift up the carpet pile to allow for a much deeper clean.

All of our works are to Australian Standard 3733 (Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaning) 2019.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Perth

Steam carpet cleaning is a deep fabric cleaning technique that is used to sanitise both carpets as well as upholstered furniture. The steam cleaning method is also used to effectively remove stains from within your carpet. Jem's Carpet & Tiles uses an advanced hot water extraction machine alongside a hypoallergenic environmentally friendly removal solution to first dissolve the debris. A hot water steam extraction wand is then used to flush the carpet and remove the detergent and debris from the carpet.

Carpets that have been significantly worn or damaged benefit considerably from the steam cleaning. This is due to the debris and moisture from within the carpet fibres being extracted. With the steam cleaning methods, the drying time for carpet is usually between 2 to 4 hours. Carpet dry cleaning services are also offered by Jem's Carpet & Tiles but are more suited for less contaminated and delicate carpets.

Stain Treatment Perth

At Jem's Carpet & Tiles, we understand how inconvenient stains can be. Stains ranging from pet accidents in your bedroom to coffee and wine spills in the dining room. Our professional carpet cleaners aim to make make the stain removal process simple. The Jem's team specialise in quick and effective removal of a range of stains and odours. We aim to restore your carpet back to its previous brand new condition and to minimise the stress associated with cleaning your carpet. This is achieved by utilising our advanced equipment and cleaning products.

Spot stain treatments are also provided by Jem's Carpet & Tiles. The trained team at Jem's use of stain-specific chemicals help to reduce or completely remove stains from your carpet. We have various solvents and solutions to help remove chewing gum, Blu Tack, glue, wine, food and silly putty. Some stains do however require specialist stain removers such as rust removers, tannin breakers, protein and enzyme dissolves and other high speciality products.

With a number of years of dealing with stains and stain removal, Jem's has dealt and removed a variety of stains on different carpets. It's important to get the balance of stain and carpet correct and we’re able to use the appropriate products to achieve the best results.

Encapsulation Cleaning Perth

Encapsulation carpet cleaning is a dry cleaning method that uses minimal amounts of moisture to provide a clean finish. This cleaning method is an ideal way of cleaning carpets that require a quick maintenance clean in between deep steam cleaning sessions.

With traditional carpet cleaning services, the newly cleaned carpets take a long time to dry. This is due to the products used during the cleaning process. The chemical residues left from the carpet cleaning also attracts dirt, thus making the carpets dirty again. Encapsulation carpet cleaning provided by Jem's Carpet & Tiles removes this lengthy drying time of carpet chemicals, making the carpet available to use in roughly 20 to 30 minutes. This method of carpet cleaning protects the carpet fibres against stains and dust mites. Thus making it an ideal way of cleaning the carpet in between longer and extensive cleaning sessions.

Our team of professional carpet cleaners will first determine if encapsulation cleaning is the right method for you. If it is, they will then devise and mix a cleaning solution that is environmentally friendly. The oxidation and encapsulation polymers will match your carpet soiling needs. This solution is then diluted with warm/hot water before applying these to your carpets with a high-end microfibre pad.

Why Choose Us?

Our highly trained and qualified hardworking cleaners are here to help solve your cleaning problems.

  • Professionals - All Jem’s Carpet and Tiles employees have industry recognised qualifications in cleaning services.

  • Fully Equipped - Jem’s Carpet and Tiles has all the equipment and machinery needed to clean even the messiest of situations!

  • Quality - With her years of training and experience, you’ll never have to worry about the quality of Jem’s work!

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Cleaning Professionals

At Jem’s Carpet and Tiles, we are experts at restoring carpets to their best possible condition. Whether your carpet requires a stain removal or a simple cleaning (steam cleaning or dry cleaning), you can trust the professional carpet cleaners at Jem’s to get the job done!

Woolsafe Certified

Established in 1991, the WoolSafe Certification Mark is widely recognised in many parts of the world as the standard for excellence and safety of carpet care chemicals, both for professionals and consumers.

IICRC Qualified

The mission of the IICRC is to establish and advance globally recognised standards and certifications for the inspection, cleaning, restoration and installation industries.


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