Sofa Cleaning Perth

Sofa Cleaning Perth

Why Choose My Sofa Cleaning Services?

The home furniture can be very complicated, regarding taking care of them. They need special treatment, especially since they have delicate materials. One of the most delicate furniture at home is the sofa. A sofa is delicate, especially when you need to clean it. That is why you need a professional to clean it. You must be perceptive when you need to find a Perth sofa cleaning specialist. It needs more than just going to a large carpet cleaning company.

The Jem’s Carpets & Tiles is a well-established business, run by the professional, Jem. Jem is a professionally trained carpet cleaner and has been in the business for a while. If you need a reliable leather sofa Perth cleaner, then you can also rely on Jem's services. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose my company’s services to clean your sofa.

Officially Trained

Too many people rely on the training made by a company that they work in, which is not bad at all. Nevertheless, unless you want to offer the most reliable services, one needs to receive the professional training. Personally, Jem has a certificate in carpet cleaning operation, repair and re-installation services and water restoration services. This certification means that Jem can clean the sofa professionally and efficiently.

Fully Equipped

When it comes to cleaning the home furniture, what is needed is that the cleaning company should be well equipped with the right equipment’s. Jem owns and operates highly advanced equipment that helps in cleaning sofas most reliably.


Jem is among the most trusted Sofa Cleaning Perth specialists, who have their own company. Apart from the normal carpets and tiles, Jem cleans any sofa. It is always advised to choose a company that is capable of offering the Leather Cleaning Service as well. That is what Jem does, thanks to the knowledge, the education and experience that Jem has acquired along the way. Jem owns special equipment’s that help in cleaning the sofa most reliably and efficiently.


Despite being a private business, Jem's company has been registered under the CCAWA, the Carpet Cleaners Association, Western Australia. This registration means that Jem is a registered and certified carpet cleaner and can offer reliable and highly rated services for your sofa.


Insurance is a very vital aspect of any business, especially one that deals strictly with the clients and their property. Anything can happen in the event of cleaning the sofa.  You will not need to worry about any accidents that might happen in the process. You will not be needed to pay any fee; the company will cover for all the faults.

Jem personally visits the clients’ homes and ensure that they receive the right services. Jem also works six days a week, so there is enough time to deliver the cleaning services. Whenever you need a Perth sofa cleaning professional, you can always count on Jem's services.

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December 17, 2018


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