Leather Sofa Cleaning Perth

Leather Sofa Cleaning Perth

Leather furniture is an excellent investment that adds a touch of class and elegance to your home. Although leather material is extremely durable, getting dirty and eventual wear is unavoidable. All cleaning of leather furniture should be done with approved products that will not harm the leather. However, most of the cleaning products available in the market are bad for leather. These products can break down the appealing finishes and lead to cracking and dryness. You should, therefore, hire a professional leather cleaner to do the cleaning regularly. Jem’s Carpet and Tiles Cleaning Services provides you with a top-notch leather cleaning service.

Jem’s cleaners provide you with a safe and effective cleaning service designed for leather furniture that restores their natural shine and vibrancy. The cleaning adds years of life to your expensive investment. With regular cleaning, you prevent wear and keep your furniture looking great. ‍

There are common dirt and pollutants that stick on leather which can harm the furniture. Common dirt and pollutants include:

Oils and Grease - Oils from the skin transfer to other materials with ease. For leather materials, the oils seep into them with ease causing damage to its protective finish.

Atmospheric soils- These types of soils come from dust particles and invisible air pollutants produced by various home activities. They eventually come into contact with the leather furniture which results in its depreciation.

Dyes and skins- Dyes from fabrics such as denim easily transfers to leather when they are in contact. Leaky pens and ink from newspapers are other sources of stains on leather furniture. It is tough to remove such stains without damaging the leather.

We are among a few trained and certified leather cleaners in Perth. If in need, we carefully examine your furniture’s leather type before deciding the cleaning product to use. We ensure the products used are specifically designed to get rid of soil buildups and other stains on your leather furniture. After cleaning, we condition and protect the leather to replenish and revitalise its natural feel and beauty.

Proper maintenance of leather sofas requires the knowledge of a professional cleaner. Jem and her team are professional cleaners that attend to the needs of your leather furniture without causing harm. The trained leather specialists use proprietary leather cleaning systems that clean and moisturise you sofa among other furniture.

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October 12, 2018


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